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[Naam en Handtekening van de Verantwoordelijke]


Paul Shayo

Since our drivers are also your guides, we call them “driververguides.”

This is your driver’s guide to the South of Tanzania: Paul.

He is friendly, experienced and fully prepared to give you an unforgettable and excellent Safari in the region where he himself was born and raised. So you are in the hands of knowledgeable professional. Paul also travels regularly throughout Tanzania to update his knowledge of all the parks and to look for new destinations, off the beaten track.


Bastiaan Witvliet

Bastiaan Witvliet, born and raised in Zambia and Tanzania, returned to Africa permanently in 2016 after studying and pursuing a career in the Netherlands. His childhood in the African bush instilled in him a deep love for safari life, and he still spends a lot of time in the wilderness, in addition to his work for Jadore Safari he is active in conservation.

As a certified private safari guide, Bastiaan shares his passion for nature with others, while also playing a role in the business side of Jadore Safaris since joining as a shareholder in 2023. With his expertise, he contributes to the success and growth of the company, and is committed to sustainability and conservation of the beautiful African wilderness.


Patrick Kweka

A young natural who has chosen to put himself in the service of tourism in Tanzania.

Patrick takes great pleasure in the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and countries. His concern is to first understand what the visitor is interested in so he can provide them with the best possible experience. 

On a trip with Patrick and JADORE SAFARIS there is a smile, lots of knowledge, passion and a commitment to provide the best possible, but still safe experiences possible.


Vincent Kessy

Turn or reverse it but it is the driver/guide that runs the safari and where the safari falls or stands.

Vincent is not just someone doing his job but he, like the rest of the team, breathes one and all JADORE SAFARIS in and out. It was at a young age that Vicent decided he wanted to get involved in guiding visitors to see and learn about this amazing northern circuit of The Rift Valley.

He freelanced for several companies that provided excellent services and even did training for young fellows who wanted to learn this trade. He is also constantly schooling himself when he is not in the bush for a while. His passion for and knowledge of all aspects of the region’s nature, landscape and culture become immediately apparent when you set out with him.


Katja de Feu

Katja, co-founder of JADORE SAFARIS, has developed a passion for tourism with more than 5 years of experience organizing safaris in East Africa. Together with local partners, the company has grown into a unique initiative focused on exclusive private safaris away from mass tourism.

An African safari is always an adventure. But to embark on your adventure means that even during the planning phase, you need to get in touch with someone who provides independent and honest advice.

It is rare for someone to return home disappointed about their safari, but they may not be aware of what they did not see and how much better it could have been.

Katja wants to make sure her clients are aware of all options for their African adventure … regardless of how they define that adventure. JADORE SAFARIS clients become her good friends, many of whom return to Tanzania or Kenya to travel with us again.

In addition to the personal welcome, it is also Katja who, behind the scenes as financial director, ensures that everything once you are here can also run smoothly.


Koen de Meyer

Koen, co-founder of JADORE SAFARIS, has developed a passion for tourism with more than 5 years of experience organizing safaris in East Africa. Together with local partners, the company has grown into a unique initiative focused on exclusive private safaris away from mass tourism.

Koen’s mission goes beyond words; he and his team strive for sustainable tourism and invite travelers to discover the beauty of Africa with a personal touch, knowing that each trip has a positive impact on local communities and nature.

At Jadore Safaris, each discovery trip is crafted with fun and love for East Africa, promising unforgettable experiences for life.